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About Us

New\Green Development Advisors specializes in real estate development project consulting, planning, and construction management for corporate and individual property owners, religious institutions, and non-profit and for-profit organizations. Our clients range from businesses, and individuals, to churches and non-profit organizations, all of which look for creative and effective solutions to their real estate projects and construction challenges.

Through N\GDA strategic affiliations, we are able to align our knowledge of real estate development assets and experience in complex assignments with other organizations’ infrastructures, a network of market specialists and offices, and cutting-edge technology. The result is a superior level of development advisory services that is unparalleled in the industry. Please contact me at (760) 239-1554 or send us a message online.

“Context is worth 80 I.Q. points.”

~ Alan Kay, American computer scientist who created the windowing graphical user interface.


What we are participating in here is the discovery of Context for being and thriving in the real estate development business, through deal design.

Discovering for ourselves a way to take advantage of what may have been previously unthinkable; that we have the unique opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives creating a workable housing and real estate development delivery organization.

In the shadows of what the realities are in our industry, and in our attempts to create value, the idea that real estate development can make a difference in our and other people’s lives may seem naive and idealistic.  With Context Architecture, we discover together how it is that we can share this as a tough-minded practical new vision of entrepreneurial achievement with no one and nothing left out – that works, and that stays true to its purpose – in support of providing a basic human need and personal financial well-being.

Constructing and participating in a new realm of personal success in which the rules are based on the principle of “doing well, while doing good”.  It is artful, taking actions where each individual experiences their power (love and affection for one another), and purpose (where making a difference is a way of life and not merely just an idea).

The idea of Context Architecture may boggle your mind at first, challenging you to break out of your old, limiting paradigm, and create an entirely new structure from which to discover the truth about your project, and even yourself.   

Context Architecture does not answer the question, “What do I do?”  It is not about being told what to do, but about being empowered to think for yourself, and determine your own answers.  You will not get an agenda of what to do to become (a real estate developer), but an experience of a way to be in which the appropriate things to do will be revealed intuitively.

The enlightenment commences with the willingness to experience yourself as the context.  From this comes the experience of being able to be yourself freely, fully, and completely in the work of providing housing.  It is the condition of being willing to experience that you are the cause in every matter of your professional life, and of the forms and economic results of your development efforts.

More than just deal design, the personal result of Contextual Architecture is full self-expression as a builder\developer…all as a function of responsibility.

The objectives are the inevitable personal and financial growth from participation in building awareness of yourself in the context of the real estate development business.  With Context Architecture you experience yourself, not only as a vehicle for playing ibn the game and participating in the processes of the work but also as capable of being supported by the people in and out of your organization. Where the compensation, first and foremost, is satisfaction.

Likening it to playing the game of Monopoly© as if there are real people living in the hotels, there is no one and nothing left out.   

The best way to predict the future in the real estate development business is to design and build it; and minding the truth that makes you money.

By: Ronald J. Ramos
Real estate development business advisor, and context architect (designer of the deal) to contractors, investors, and property owners; for emergent people, looking to gather speed.